Can’t Afford A Trainer? With These Tips You Can Train Your Dog At Home!

Can’t Afford A Trainer? With These Tips You Can Train Your Dog At Home!

If you’ve never trained a dog before, it may seem like a daunting task. With so much conflicting information out there, it is easy to become overwhelmed. Read on for some simple, basic tips arranged to help you get started.

Whenever you have to correct your dog, make sure to speak using short and sharp language. Don’t rant on and on about how bad your dog is. Simply say no and direct them to what you want them to do instead. When speaking to your dog, use a voice that commands respect.

Put yourself in the dog’s situation. It’s easy to get mad if your dog is not doing the basic things you teach it. Don’t give up- think like your dog! Looking at things with this fresh mindset can help you to find new and effective ways to train your dog.

It may take several times for your dog to learn new commands. You might have to repeat the same exercise up to fifty times before your dog remembers it. Try to maintain as much patience as possible, for the sake of your dog.

When your dog jumps on you, take its paws in your hands and lightly squeeze them to let it know that jumping on people is not an acceptable behavior. It’s uncomfortable, but not painful. In time, they will cease jumping on humans, as they will have the negative association with the squeezing.

Be sure to always grab your dog’s attention the same way. Start commands with their name all the time. You can get their attention by doing this and then use the command. Usually, dogs quickly respond when you can their name and are aware you want to grab their attention.

By following these tips, you should have a better understanding of how to train your dog. You will realize more success and train a happier dog by keeping these ideas handy when training your pet.