Training Tips To Make A Great Dog

Training Tips To Make A Great Dog

You love the dog and your stuff, but your dog doesn’t love your stuff. Unfortunately, your dog does not value your belongings as you do, and anything that looks chew-able will be chewed on. This article contains smart tricks and tips which stop excessive chewing.

Make sure that you use a gradual process when training your dog. Begin with a training session that lasts a few minutes, and do it for a bit longer every day. Note how far into the training session your dog loses his attention span. That’s the time to quit.

A puppy should have chew toys to get him through the teething pains. Keep other things out of his reach. You need to replace that with a designated chew toy. If painful teething is the problem, let the puppy chew on a wet washcloth that has been frozen.

When you train your dog, you need to establish control. Your dog will neither obey nor respect you if he believes he is the leader of your household. Do not let your dog walk ahead of you when you go on walks.

Use the same hand signal or voice command to get your dog’s attention. Use his or her name when giving a command. This will get his attention, and then you can tell him what to do. Usually, dogs quickly respond when you can their name and are aware you want to grab their attention.

If your dog barks a lot, try getting them accustomed to whatever causes the problem. It may be a noise, or seeing other animals or people. The dog must learn that they do not need to start barking when these things occur.

In summary, you have to prevent your dog from negative behavior. This stops the dog from getting sick and will keep you from getting frustrated and annoyed. Use the tips in this article to effectively teach your dog stop chewing.