Tips For Raising A Happy And Healthy Dog

Tips For Raising A Happy And Healthy Dog

Few things are more irresistible than the melting eyes of a sweet little puppy. If you’ve already got one, then congratulations are in order! To have a great relationship with your pet, training is very important. Pets always know what they need to do in this case, even when you aren’t home. Keep reading for great tips to help you and your dog have an excellent relationship.

Spoken directions should be made using a simple, concise and forceful tone. Don’t scream and yell and throw a fit. Simply address the issue and move on. Let your dog know that if you raise your voice they need to pay attention.

Your training sessions must be long enough for your dog to learn the desired behavior but no so long that he becomes bored. Start out with a small training session and up the time every day. Know when your dog does not pay attention when you are training it.

Look at things from your dog’s point of view. A lot of owners get frustrated when their dog is not understanding a basic command. Don’t give up. Instead, think about what it must be like to be your dog. Looking at the world through their eyes could give you new insights about training them.

Avoid reinforcing negative behavior. Never give your dog any treats or special attention for doing bad things. Don’t scratch the dogs back, give it a snack or reward it in any way if it jumps, barks or does anything you don’t approve of.

Hopefully, you have gained some information that will aid you in having a better relationship with your pet. Use the information that is right for you. As time progresses, you will develop a love for your faithful friend. Training is the key to success! Make sure your pet is well trained. Have fun with your four-legged friend!