Train Your Dog To Be The Dog You Want

Train Your Dog To Be The Dog You Want

Training an unruly pet can seem like a daunting task, but all it takes is a bit of know-how and some patience. The key to mastering dog behavior is training, and this article has all the advice you could need.

Rewarding dogs properly and generously is the key to training. Quantity and timing are important when it comes to rewards. A dog quickly forgets his actions, so you must reward him immediately to reinforce his behaviors.

Use consistency when you are crate training your young puppy. When letting a puppy out of a crate, you need to let them relieve themselves immediately. In time, the dog will have the ability to exercise restraint when it comes to nature’s call.

Whenever your dog improves in his training, allow him some extra freedom. The key to a satisfying life for your dog is a balance of freedom and obedience. Avoid giving too much freedom early on, as this can easily counteract your training.

Early on, always have a tasty treat on hand to immediately reward your dog for responding to a command. You want your dog to recognize that when you give it a command and it does the task, it is doing what you want it to do. You need to do this because your dog must know what they can and cannot do.

When you are training your dog, be mindful of the time spent in one session. Dogs can quickly lose focus when you prolong activities. Training sessions should be limited to about 10 minutes of time or less.

Dog Training Techniques

Depending on your dog, you may need to change your training regimen. Sometimes, treats will not work, so you will have to find another way to train them. Once you find a treat that motivates your dog, you will see huge progress in its training.

Your relationship with your dog can suffer if you don’t know what you need to train them. Properly armed with knowledge, you can now train the perfect dog.